Our Story

SVSL Eyewear was started in Melbourne, Australia by two university students who were constantly experiencing trouble due to over exposure to digital devices. This was affecting their school and personal life. They were always feeling tired and could not work to their full potential. After talking to many different people they realized that many students and professionals around the world are experiencing these problems. To solve this problem once and for all they set out on a journey to find different alternative solutions. After months of trial and error and working with different specialists as well as applying their own knowledge they developed the revolutionary BluBlock™ Technology. Then they worked with different manufacturers around the world to pair this technology with the most affordable, best quality and stylish frames to develop the SVSL Blue Light Glasses. 

Today SVSL Eyewear ships blue light glasses to over 150+ Countries from warehouses in 5+ central locations around world to ensure fast shipping times. Currently, SVSL Eyewear runs purely as an e-commerce business with plans to open 5 stores in different locations around the world by 2022.


Our Mission

Our goal is to produce the highest quality computer glasses for a digital generation. Most of our consumers have never worn glasses therefore we aim to make the most stylish, lightweight and comfortable glasses so that our glasses don't feel like a burden on your face. All our glasses our made in eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty-free environments.


Our Values

We speak a lot about the harmful effects of the blue light from technological devices, however, we also understand how important technology is in today's world. It helps us learn, work, play as well as stay connected with the rest of the world. We understand the value of technology and the role it plays in educating individuals. Therefore for every SVSL Glasses sold we donate $1 to Computer Aid, a NPO that has provided 14.2 million people with technology in under developed companies.