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These elegant round glasses are made for those who wish to be separated from the crowd. Guaranteed to give an elegant touch to any outfit, these glasses will be your go to. The style and protection combo makes these glasses a class of their own, with blue light filtering lenses to help you reduce that eye strain and sleep better.

High quality and Stylish Frame! Lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable design! Uses CR-39 Lens technology to block 99% of the blue light. So you can use your devices without worrying about the side effects!


Style: Classic

Frame Material: Acetate TR-90

Lens Material: Polycarbonate

Certification: US F.D.A

Lens Height: 46mm

Lens Width: 48mm

Bridge Length: 19mm

Temple Length: 147mm


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Blue light is a colour in the visible light spectrum. The wavelength of blue light is shorter than other colours of light, therefore it is very high in energy. There are two types of blue lights, natural and artificial! Natural blue light is emitted by the Sun and is beneficial for us! It regulates many important processes in our bodies such as our sleep cycle or the circadian rhythm. Where as, the artificial blue light can be quiet harmful for us! With the introduction of digital screens such as phones, tablets, laptops and TVs in our everyday lives, we are exposed to high levels of artificial light every day!


Over exposure to blue light can block a chemical in your body called melatonin which regulates your sleep cycle! This causes you to stay up late at night and disrupts your sleep cycle which causes loss of sleep! Loss of sleep can lead to many health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and even cancer! Blue light can also cause eye strain, dry eyes, headaches and eye damage (macular degeneration) over time!

  • Look and Feel Amazing
  • Be more productive
  • Block 99% of the harmful Blue light
  • Sleep Better
  • Reduce eye strain, headaches and dry eyes
  • Lower risk of macular degeneration!