Spending hours in front of a digital screen?

It's time to take action!

We are constantly surrounded with digital devices, spending more than nine hours a day on average in front of a digital screen.

These devices emit blue light which can disrupt our sleep as well as cause eye strain/headaches throughout the day.

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Computer Glasses

SVSL BluBlock™ technology is revolutionising the way digital devices are used around the world. It blocks 90% of the blue-violet light at 410nm and 50% at 450nm to enhance the quality of screen time for you.

By wearing SVSL Blue Light Glasses you will:

✔ Improve Your Sleep

✔ Reduce Eyestrain

✔ Prevent Headaches and Migraine

✔ Increase Focus and Productivity

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Why Choose

Svsl eyewear?

Not all blue light glasses are made equal. SVSL Eyewear takes pride in providing the highest quality glasses with the latest and most revolutionary BluBlock™ technology that is easy on the eyes.

We at SVSL Eyewear understand the importance of technology in today's world therefore for every glasses sold we donate $1 to ComputerAid, a NPO that has brought technology to 14.2 million people in under developed countries

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